Garden District Ventures invests in fearless founders and impactful ideas across Asia’s rising economies…


Founded in 2018, Garden District Ventures is a consumer-focused thematic investment fund that discovers, invests in, and supports remarkable entrepreneurs, progressive ideas, and high-growth potential companies in emerging and frontier markets across Southeast Asia and beyond.

Our fund thesis is centered on identifying interconnected market dynamics and demographic shifts where we believe growth opportunities lie over the next 2 to 20+ years. Fundamental changes in global consumption patterns, value-driven purchasing behavior, the rise of online learning and entertainment, and a renewed focus on personal care and wellbeing underpin our high-conviction investment strategies.

Principally speaking, our Garden District Ventures team is committed to backing those mission-driven startups that are disrupting the status quo, delighting their customers, and solving real-world problems.


Garden District Ventures is a collaborative team of entrepreneurs, operators, and investors with decades of experience in startup formation, management consulting, technology, investment banking, corporate law, global trade, and public accounting. Our focus is on creating mutual value and strong partnerships across the ASEAN region and beyond. We support our portfolio companies through actionable market intelligence, deep domain expertise, strong international contacts, mentorship opportunities, and flexible capital.

Jason M. Cronen

Managing Partner

Trey Fayard

Partner and General Counsel

Samuel Tapping

Fund Controller

Brian H. Spence

Fund Advisor

Jayadeep Apte

Fund Advisor

James Hou

Fund Advisor

We cannot drive people; we must direct their development. Teach and lead.


Garden District Ventures is generally industry agnostic, although we prefer some spaces over others.
Our areas of interest mirror notable growth trends in the ASEAN region and include health & wellness, food tech, digital payments, supply chain & logistics, prop-tech, and sustainability, although we often review and consider other investment opportunities and complementary deal flow.

We prefer to get involved with companies early on, typically at the pre-seed or seed stage, as first money in, or in some cases before a cap table even exists. Our portfolio company founders all embody creativity, empathy, and curiosity—human factors that we believe drive breakout success and will shape the best possible future world.

Our initial ticket sizes average $100K to $250K with the expectation of participating in follow-on rounds.

To be equitable, economic growth has to be sustainable.


With more than 675 million residents spread amongst ten nations, an aggregate GDP of nearly $3 trillion, and a median population age of 30 years old, Southeast Asia is one of the most dynamic and culturally diverse regions on Earth. The startup ecosystems across our target markets have experienced unprecedented growth in recent years due to digital adaptation, cross-border investment and trade agreements, and market-oriented economic reforms. The ASEAN region added more than 40 million new internet users in 2020 alone.







A city’s environment is shaped not only by people who have an important influence, but by everyone who lives or works there.


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Garden District Ventures believes in doing well by doing good and we’re always on the hunt for new opportunities. Interested in sharing your startup story with us?

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