Garden District Ventures invests in fearless founders and impactful ideas at home in New Orleans and around the globe…


Founded in 2018, Garden District Ventures is a group of early-stage capital investors and operators based in New Orleans, Louisiana USA that invests in and supports dynamic founders, emergent startup companies, and product developers in underserved and frontier markets worldwide.

We believe that the digital revolution offers significant value creation and increased entrepreneurial capacity in communities from Middle America to Southeast Asia and that impactful ideas should not be geographically limited.

With partners, strategic advisory services, and engineering teams in the U.S., Germany, Thailand, and Vietnam, we believe that Garden District Ventures and our portfolio companies are well-positioned to capitalize on fast-growing economies, talent pools, and innovation hubs around the globe.

Building strong organizations start by building people up.


Garden District Ventures is generally sector agnostic, although we prefer some spaces over others.
Our areas of interest include B2B SaaS, health & wellness, D2C brands, food tech/ ag tech, marketplaces, hospitality, and logistics & mobility, but we often review and consider other investment opportunities.

We prefer to get involved with companies early on, typically at the pre-seed or seed stage, as first money in, or in some cases before a cap table even exists. We are looking for entrepreneurs and founding teams that can demonstrate product-market fit, positive community value, and early traction.

Our initial ticket sizes average $50K to $250K with the expectation of participating in follow-on rounds.

We cannot drive people; we must direct their development. Teach and lead.


United States

Garden District Ventures pursues investments in technology, real estate, hospitality, B2C sales, and more. As investors, our goal is to identify early-stage financing opportunities in companies and founding teams that are capital-efficient, disruptive, and mission-driven. Our U.S. team includes industry experts, impact investors, and cultural contributors with more than 90 years of deep domain experience in both startups and high-growth industries.


Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing economies in the ASEAN region averaging GDP growth of 5% annually over the past two decades. A large amount of FDI (foreign direct investment) steered towards the manufacturing sector, digital startups, and infrastructure has positioned the country and its 96 million citizens as an emerging market to watch. Our team is pleased to back promising Vietnamese startups with a combination of capital, mentoring, and scale-up strategies.

European Union

Our Berlin office assists our founders and portfolio companies with back-office support, cross-border HR and legal advisory, and product design resources. The German capital city is home to top academic and research programs and is regarded as one of Europe’s emerging startup hubs—with more than 100,000 high-tech jobs created in the past five years alone. Berlin is within easy proximity to other European locales and offers a high quality of life for its residents.

A city’s environment is shaped not only by people who have an important influence, but by everyone who lives or works there.


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Garden District Ventures believes in doing well by doing good and we’re always on the hunt for new opportunities around the globe. Interested in sharing your startup story with us?

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