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Founded in 2018, Garden District Ventures is a group of early-stage capital investors and operators incorporated in the U.S. and Singapore that invests in and supports dynamic founders, emergent startup companies, and product developers in underserved and frontier markets worldwide.

We believe that the digital revolution offers significant value creation and increased entrepreneurial capacity in communities from Middle America to Southeast Asia and that impactful ideas should not be geographically limited.

With partners, strategic advisory services, and engineering teams based in the U.S., Germany, Thailand, and Vietnam, we believe that Garden District Ventures and our portfolio companies are well-positioned to capitalize on fast-growing economies, talent pools, and innovation hubs around the globe.


Garden District Ventures is a unified team of entrepreneurs, operators, and investors with decades of experience in startup formation, management consulting, investment banking, corporate law, commercialization and licensing, global trade, and public accounting. We are focused on creating mutual value and strong partnerships while supporting our founder teams through actionable market intelligence, deep domain expertise, strong international contacts, education and mentorship, and flexible capital.

Jason M. Cronen

Managing Partner

Trey Fayard

Partner and General Counsel

Samuel Tapping

Fund Controller

James Hou

Fund Advisor

Michael Waitze

Fund Advisor

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Garden District Ventures is generally sector agnostic, although we prefer some spaces over others.
Our areas of interest include health & wellness, digital payments, B2B SaaS, hospitality, marketplaces, and transportation & logistics, although we often review and consider other investment opportunities.

We prefer to get involved with companies early on, typically at the pre-seed or seed stage, as first money in, or in some cases before a cap table even exists. We are looking for entrepreneurs and founding teams that can demonstrate product-market fit, positive community value, and early traction.

Our initial ticket sizes average $50K to $250K with the expectation of participating in follow-on rounds.

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With more than 650 million residents spread amongst eleven nations, an aggregate GDP of nearly $3 trillion, and a median population age of 30 years old, Southeast Asia is one of the most dynamic and diverse economic regions on Earth. The technology ecosystem has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years due in part to digital transformation and mobile device adaptation, cross-border investment and trade agreements, and market-oriented reforms. The region added more than 40 million new internet users in 2020 alone.

Garden District Ventures is currently focused on building our investment portfolio in the following nations:







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